By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Kenyan Huddah Monroe is a model who rose to fame after she received popularity on Instagram. The Kenyan born is also considered as a prominent socialite in her country. Currently, she is busy in her works managing her own business. But the identity of her lover is not known yet. Some sources said that Monroe is currently dating someone but others suggest that she is single. The beautiful model prefers to be silent on that topic. Back in , she posted a story on her Instagram account where she revealed that she has a man in his life which means teh star is currently dating her mysterious boyfriend. The Instagram celebrity is from Kenya and some might suggest that her boyfriend is also a fellow citizen.

¨Dating and f**king old rich men made me sick and tired!¨ Huddah Monroe confesses

Monday, August 26, am Metro 10 Comment s. In her Instagram story, the controversial Kenyan with 1. Huddah Monroe, according to mpasho. When P. In December , an American anthropologist wrote a field report in which she specifically asked people to beware of Kenyan women Susan Abott, because of their behavior. My own personal experience is in total agreement with this position.

Jun 12, – Socialite turned businesswoman Huddah Monroe is selling her posh home apparently located in Nairobi’s Runda ing to the.

If you are a huge fan of Big Brother Africa, then some celebrities such as Huddah Monroe might have grabbed your attention. Yes, she was one of the house members in Season 8. Despite the fact that she was not the one to win the show, this model received a lot of fans base along with followers on her Instagram. So today, we are going to talk about Monroe, who is always on the news no matter what she has done. Recently she created havoc on the Internet by revealing that she wants to be a man.

Well, we get back onto this topic in the article below. Sadly this hottie has not shared anything about her beloved parents. Her father was originally from Somali while her mother was from Kikuyu. She lost her father when she was a kid. Hence her mother married another man to support her. According to some sources, this model is blessed to have four stepbrothers whose name and whereabouts are still in the dark.

Moreover, Monroe is a Kenyan model who undoubtedly belongs to mixed ethnicity.

“Wish Time Could Be Turned Back” Huddah Monroe Regrets Losing Virginity To Prezzo

Taking to her Instagram page story, the socialite whoo also doubles up as a business lady explained that a good number of Nigerian men can fake love by pretending to be in love. According to Huddah, Nigerian men target independent women across the world. A Nigerian guy will invest 10 yrs of his life acting like he is in love with you just for him to scam you.

And their target is independent women all over the world,” Huddah wrote on her Instagram story. Huddah, however, admitted that she loves the fact that Nigerian men are smart and produce good music despite the fact that their main agenda in relationships is money and not emotions.

Dubai based Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has sounded a warning READ ALSO: Official: Kenyan Singer, Victoria Kimani Is Now Dating.

Monroe told Kiss FM radio in Kenya that she is dating a football star and she is happy right now. The two follow each other on Instagram with Huddah just one of the 37 people the footballer follows on the social networking site. And he is one of the seven she follows back on the social media site. Sakho has often been troubled in his personal life since joining West Ham. Mya was dating the West Ham striker until he allegedly assaulted her, caused criminal damage and sent malicious communication which led to him to be arrested by the Metropolitan police twice though he denied those claims.

He also has another daughter living in France from his previous partner who works for Metz for whom he previously played. Maybe this new relationship can bring some stability back into his life and in turn his football. Carol , sakho , and Jenson for 20 mill!

Huddah Monroe Socialites, Age, Height, Body, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, IG

Kamene Goro says Huddah Monroe got wealth through spreading. Colonel Mustapha left Huddah Monroe and probably his saved girlfriend scandalized after he said that he banged Huddah Monroe 50 times during their controversial and brief romance 2 years ago. Mustapha revealed that Huddah Monroe was also a sex goddess and she could give it to a man ‘proper’.

Socialite Alhuddah Njoroge better known as Huddah Monroe could have 99 problems but as she attests, a man isn’t one of them. Giving the tea on her dating​.

She is of Kenyan nationality, and her birth sign is Libra. She attended her highs school in Kajioda Hills Girls Academy. Huddah went through a harsh childhood as her father died when she was young. Soon after, she left her home and ran away from her family to live on her own. Huddah went through a harsh childhood as her father died and soon after her mother married another man. My 3rd car,a Black Audi Q7. All because I thought cars defined my value….

Everyone is Blessed , Some blessings come early while others come late … We are all born to be successful and everything you want is in your MIND! What you think you become. Besides her business as a farmer, Huddah is also a brand ambassador for a beauty product company, BrightenMi. The company chose her as their ambassador because she knows the importance of having healthy skin.

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe reveals she does not date married men

Huddah mentioned that anyone dating a married man should feel ashamed of their actions, as in the long run things will never end well. Do you ask him if he has taken care of his family first? Or you just fight to overtake the wife? That shit gets to me.. I think you all should stop ruining families and marriages.. She added that, a number of friends who got kids with married men ended up living miserable life.

I Don’t Date Married Men – Huddah Monroe. – Related articles from other sources. I Don’t Date Married Men – Huddah Monroe. 9m ago. Information Nigeria.

She wanted to clarify the notion held by some ladies that they are successful or rich by virtue of the men they date. You gotta Slave for your own shit! All day everyday! Vanguard Allure. Top Menu Vanguard. Home Allure Magazine. August 23, August 18, August 17,

Wealth isn’t transmitted sexually-Huddah Monroe speaks on dating billionaires

Huddah, a woman who was once considered nothing more but a socialite, has gone ahead to build herself a cosmetics empire that keeps growing. She has also, on multiple occasions, used her social media platforms to advise the youth to let their money work for them. Sam Mr. Socialite Huddah Monroe can never touch a married man no matter how wealthy and handsome he might be. This is because she believes that dating a married man is blocking your own blessings and cursing your own life.

These things of side chicks is a headache.

Some years back, Huddah Monroe and local Kenyan rapper Prezzo dated each other. This relationship went on to the extent of Huddah losing.

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed the only reason she would dump a man as fast as the minute she met him. According to her, she would not bother to be in a relationship with a man who is stingy. Huddah, who is controversial with her online posts, made the revelation on her Instagram stories. The Kenyan socialite stated that she can never leave a man for cheating on her, especially if he is above 40 years old.

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe speaks on her deal-breaker in a relationship. Source: huddahthebosschick Source: Instagram.

I will only break up with a man who is stingy – Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe reveals

Huddah Monroe has gifted her followers with a candid Q and A session for Christmas. She literally welcomed all questions and tried to answer them all in her post-Christmas hungover state. Here are some revelations from that Instagram session.

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Her break up ignited a series of online conversation forcing socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe to speak up. Not all that glitters is old, beware of con men. How many women did they leave in their country? And keep it moving, these niggas are on a mission. At one point Huddah called off Nigerian men for being very violent saying they cannot tolerate most East African women. Kenyans on Twitter call for release of lady who recorded Police officers assaulting passenger.

Zari says. From Grace to grass. Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman dies aged Tourist exposes thirsty Kenyan women.. Octopizzo retaliates after a diss got to him…. Le Band forced to apologize over Copyright Infringement. By Ghetto Radio On Feb 6, Huddah urged Kenyan ladies to steer clear of Nigerian men saying they have no good intentions.

Huddah Monroe Takes Bahati on a Lunch Date to Celebrate Multi Million Deal (PHOTOS)

In this age and time, many young ladies who appear to be successful actually have their lives funded by married men and this has affected the reputations of other successful single ladies. These days, men would rather believe that a successful lady has a sponsor rather than thing her good fortune is as a result of hard work.

Just recently, popular Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe took to her Instastory to share her take on dating married men. According to the businesswoman, anybody who knows her knows she does not date married men. She added that such class of men are not her cup of tea.

Meet Socialite Huddah Monroe Husband To Be If All Glitters. Singer Kagwe Mungai revealed how he has a crush and feelings for Huddah while on Ghetto Radio. Huddah Monroe Husband To Be If All Glitters · Celebrity & Gossips · Dating.

Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who has a massive youth following. Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also across the world. Huddah, together with Vera Sidika , contributed in incorporating the western culture into Kenyan youths. There are several things many of us do not know about this celebrity.

She was born on October 10, , in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up in Huruma estate in Nairobi. Huddah pursued her education in various institutions including the Kajiado Hills Girls Academy. Her biological father is of Somali origin while her mother is Kikuyu. Huddah lost her father when she was still young and her mother re-married soon after. Thus, she now has four stepbrothers.

Why Huddah warned ladies against dating Nigerian men

A couple of weeks ago, the blogosphere was filled with reports that Tanzanian singer Juma Jux and Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe are an item. The rumours about the new celebrity couple in town was after photos of them spending quality time together in Zanzibar emerged. According to many people who saw the photos, the two are dating since no random people could go for an exotic vacation together.

Then, people and even some media entities presented evidence to prove the two were seeing each other. Neither Juma nor Huddah addressed the issue when it popped up but it did not deter fans from believing they were dating.

Huddah Monroe blatantly confessed she is a D addict but her dating past saw her quit being financially dependent on billionaires to being an.

Alhudah Njoroge commonly known as Huddah Monroe the boss chic one of Kenya’s prominent socialite and current Uber ambassador is on a fresh social media fight with Diamond Platinum’s girlfriend Zari The Boss Lady. The two who have been friends in the past have a sore of beef cropping up its believed that Huddah Monroe developed feelings after Zari ignored inviting her to daughter Tiffa’s birthday Celebrations and yet nemesis Vera Sidika was among the top guests.

Hii sio party ya kukosa jamani. Asie na mwana wake aeleke jiwe. Since the socialite has been looking around for ways to hit back in revenge and finally banged Zari calling her a grandmother trying to date a young boy because of his money and fame. I don’t fight with people the age of my mom on social media. I’m better than that and I don’t want to end up a broke cougar dating young boys for money and fame! Stop letting your mid-life crisis out in the public, unajiaibisha.

Act your AGE grandma! MistressOfAllTrades” posted Huddah on instagram. Zari hooked singer Diamond Platinumz in and the relationship resulted in a one year old girl named Tiffah Dangote. Zari is also a mother of three big boys that he had with former husband Ivan Ssemwanga. Search For Anything on the Website. Gee Mukama in Showbiz.

Huddah Monroe & Popular TZ Musician KISSING!!