A foot chunk of the Berlin Wall has disappeared almost overnight, sparking outcry among appalled historians. As Christian Honicke reports for German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel , developers tore down a section of the historic structure in Pankow, a borough in northeastern Berlin, to make way for luxury condominiums. Standing about 11 feet tall, the stretch of concrete had no special historical designations that would protect it from development. Few outside the Pankow neighborhood knew about the section, aside from graffiti artists looking to ply their canisters on its concrete. Due to the absence of a special heritage designation, developers did not have to adhere to any specific procedures. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, , after an erroneous East German announcement that travel restrictions to West Germany would be lifted immediately. Over the coming days, more than two million Berliners rushed to the border, some climbing the wall, others savaging it with sledgehammers and pickaxes.

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On November 9, , the pictures of the fall of the Berlin Wall are celebrating their 30th anniversary. On the occasion of November 9, a large number of events in Berlin will deal with topics such as reunification, the construction of the Berlin Wall, the division of the world during the Cold War and the overcoming of the Wall by the Peaceful Revolution of Events dealing with the history of division, the struggle for freedom and the process of reunification take place not only in the run-up to and immediately around 9 November, but throughout the year in Berlin.

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East German guards gun down a young man trying to escape across the Berlin Wall into West Berlin and leave him to bleed to death. It was one of the ugliest.

A few months later, he began tunnelling his way back in. It all began with a knock at the door. Joachim, a year-old engineering student, was in his room at university in West Berlin. He had been studying there for a few months, spending his free time taking photographs, or going to jazz nights. At his door were two Italian students he knew in passing who had come to ask for his help. They needed to get some friends out of East Berlin and they wanted to do this by digging a tunnel.

This was October , just two months after the Berlin Wall had gone up. It was built by the East German government to stop the flood of people leaving the communist dictatorship for a better life in the West. But what was so extraordinary about it was the speed with which it had been built. Tens of thousands of East German soldiers had gone into the streets of East Berlin in the dead of night, stringing barbed wire from posts and making concrete barricades.

By the next morning, this barrier cut through the whole city, snaking through parks, playgrounds, cemeteries and squares. When people woke up on 13 August , they suddenly found themselves on one side of it.

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A kilometer bike ride along a varied scenic route from Hennigsdorf to Hohen Neuendorf will bring you to the last border crossing to go into operation — shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall — near Stolpe. The Stolpe border crossing opened in , but originally served only travelers driving from West Berlin to Scandinavia. It was also possible to enter the GDR even for pedestrians using a shuttle bus service to the border at Stolpe.

After calling out and firing warning shots, several guards opened fire.

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November 9, When was Kristallnacht? On this day Nov 9th in the Nazis c oordinated vicious pogroms against the Jewish community of Germany. The Hidden Hand Judaism teaches that events large and small are guided by a hidden Hand. They don’t just happen randomly; there are no coincidences. If two otherwise seemingly unconnected historical events take place on a common date it should give one pause and evoke questions about a possible deeper meaning. Kristallnacht and the breaching of the Berlin Wall are at first glance strange historical bedfellows.

And who but a true prophet can claim to have deciphered the Divine implications. Nevertheless, perhaps one of them is that the national soul of those who perpetrated the Holocaust — including Germans, East Berliners and Eastern bloc countries who often were willing collaborators in the atrocities — experienced a small taste of the suffering they inflicted by having to endure long decades of life under the boot of the brutal Soviet Communist regime.

Like Jews walled inside ghettos across Europe in the s, they experienced life cut off from freedom with little hope of escape, living in constant fear of arrest, and standing helpless against a stream of humiliations and atrocities that happened to them and their families. When the Berlin Wall came tumbling down it ended 28 years of imprisonment and thus marked the beginning of a return to normalcy, a return to freedom. Yet by happening on the date it did it served as a reminder that there is a Hidden Hand in events reminding humanity of its responsibility to safeguard freedom, champion the cause of the defenseless and disavow the ideologies and forces that created the likes of a Kristallnacht in the first place.

Germany celebrates 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Three decades since the Berlin Wall fell, Germans remain deeply divided over the question of what it means to be German. We asked Germans and immigrants to Germany how they think about their identity — and how they navigate the simmering tensions in their country. Nearly people responded, including many whose lives straddle two national identities: Germans married to immigrants, and vice versa, and the children of intermarried couples.

CrossRef citations to date. 0. Altmetric. Research Article. The effect of the fall of the Berlin Wall on children’s noncognitive skills that women conceived in East Germany in the three-year period following the fall the Berlin Wall.

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Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. Like any couple, they’ve had their ups and downs, but over the years, they’ve been able to meet each other’s spiritual and emotional needs. Berliner-Mauer the German name for the Berlin Wall, which she has taken as her last name has since defined her love under the term “objectum sexual,” or OS—in other words, a person who falls in love with inanimate objects. As an animist, she, along with a growing group of others, believe that inanimate objects are sentient, intelligent beings.

Take Erika Eiffel, who is married to the Eiffel Tower.

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Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Beloved Berlin Wall Berlin, Sascha is a young East German border guard and Franzi is a lively young West German woman who’s just moved into a flat next to Sascha’s watchtower at the Berlin Wall. It takes only a slight mishap and a selfless act of chivalry and the two fall in love.

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We’ve all claimed to be “in love” with something—be it the new iPad, a favorite vacation spot or a killer pair of heels. But for some, this affection takes on a much deeper meaning. A small group of people called “objectophiles” or “objectum sexuals” believe they have reciprocal loving, sexual relationships with inanimate objects. Many even feel they can communicate with the things they love, and that the objects have feelings of their own. One woman married the Eiffel Tower, while another man is dating an iBook.

Their courage tore down walls, their unity inspired Europe and the world, and their of young European men and women have experienced nothing but peace and For me personally, 9 November is a date I will never forget. November to the powerful television images of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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